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Dinner’s ready


1. 教学内容: Unit 5 Dinner’s ready  Let’s learn & Let’s play

2. 教学目标:


a. 能听、说、认读单词beef, chicken, noodles, soup, vegetables.

b. 能掌握句型What would you like? I’d like some…


能在情境中熟练运用句型What would you like? I’d like some… 询问并表达就餐意愿


a. 学生能够在场景模拟的英语课堂中,保持对英语学习的热情并更加有兴趣。让学生爱上英语,树立英语学习的信心。

b. 了解中西方食物的不同

3. 教学重难点:


  a. 能够听说认读单词beef, chicken, noodles, soup, vegetables

  b. 在情境中掌握句型What would you like? I’d like some…


在情境中熟练运用句型What would you like? I’d like some… 询问并表达就餐意愿


1. 单词、句子卡片

2. 单词图片



Step1 Warm-up


T: Good morning class.

Ss: Good morning teacher.

T: How are you today?(挑几个学生进行问候)

Ss: I’m fine, thank you. How are you?

T: I’m very happy today, because it is my restaurant’s opening day.

Look! This is my restaurant.    Is it beautiful?

Ss: Yes!

T: You see, my restaurant is very big, so I need some waiters and waitress.  Do you want to join me?

Ss: Yes!

T: If you want to be a good waiter or waitress, you need to have 3 tests.

    Task 1 : Remember the food’s name in  restaurant.

Task 2: Learn how to service the customers.

Task 3: Simulated training.

Are you ready to pass the test?

Ss: Yes!

Step2: Presentation

1. Task 1—Remember the food’s name

(1)T: Hey everyone, please look at the picture.

             What is it?

Ss: (学生抢答)

(2)Learn new   words.   (看视频自学单词)

(3)检测学生学习情况。(Play   a   game.)

Step 3 Practice

 Task 2----Learn how to service the customers

1.     Ready  and  say.

2.     Ask  and  answer.(同桌问答)

3.     Let’s  play.(让学生在语境中练习简单的点餐用语)

Step 4  Consolidation

Work with your partner. One is the waiter and the other is the customer. Practice how to serve the customers.

Dialogue:  What would you like?

           I’d like some…, please.

           OK. …yuan, please.

           Here you  are.

           Thank   you.


Step5 Homework

(1) Design your own menu of dinner.

(1) (2) Read A Let’s learn 6 times and sing “What Would You Like?” to your             parents


Unit5 Dinner’s ready

What  would  you  like?

I’d  like  some_____, please.







 Dinner’s ready













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